According to Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack, when it comes to crafting the new Farm Bill, the USDA’s role is one of advisory and providing information.  But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a wish list of his own.  First, he said it will be important all sides work together to get a Farm Bill done on time. 


“It will be important and necessary for us to continue to link the nutrition aspect of the Farm Bill and the other aspects of the Farm Bill together in order to ensure the best chance of getting a Farm Bill in 2023.”


And when that 2023 Farm Bill becomes law?


“We want to create a vibrant and resilient rural economy.  We want to create the opportunity for farmers not just to depend on a commodity market to be able to have three, four, five or six different profit centers operating out of their farm.  To create from those profit centers processing jobs and manufacturing jobs in rural communities.”


Vilsack said that will give producers an opportunity to follow their passion of farming and pass along that opportunity to future generations.


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