The House Ag Committee advanced the Farm Bill reauthorization last week, finally sending the long-delayed bill to the full U-S House.

The two Oregon committee members have very different opinions on the latest draft.


Congresswoman Andrea Salinas is pleased some of her ideas made it in, and she thanked the GOP majority for listening to Democrats. "However, when taken as a whole, this bill is an unacceptable product that should in no way be considered a bipartisan compromise."

 At the final hearing, Salinas said lawmakers aren’t doing enough to protect hungry Americans who receive benefits through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program - or SNAP. Salinas and other Democrats claim the draft cuts 30 billion dollars from SNAP.

"And we are squabbling over $6 a day to help them. 718,600 Oregon residents who rely on it; 42,000 households, just in my district."


Republicans disagree. Congresswoman Lori Chavez DeRemer says the bill is a bipartisan approach that includes several of the Oregon Republican’s proposals, like the Expanding Child Care in Rural America Act. Saying:


"Agriculture is the lifeblood of Oregon. The programs in this farm bill are critical to our farmers. That’s why it is so urgent that we finally get this legislation across the finish line and deliver the aid that our farmers not only need but deserve."

The Oregon Republican praised proposed protections for Specialty Crop growers and an initiative to increase childcare options in rural communities.

The House Ag Committee has prepared the following video to promote their bill.


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