Last week, Department of the Interior announced support of introducing Grizzly Bears in the Washington North Cascades.  Several local organizations have come out against the plan, including the Washington Cattlemen’s Association.  WCA Executive Vice President Sarah Ryan told the Washington Ag Network livestock owners across NCW don’t need the added stress.


“We already have one Apex predator that we don’t have the ability to manage as well as we would like, that prays on livestock, and we’re not really ready to deal with another one.”


Ryan said they were surprised by the announcement, after Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke said on repeated occasions he wanted to be a good neighbor for land users across the west.  She said the WCA will have specific requirement of the Department of the Interior if grizzly bears are place in the Northern Cascades.


“That [the grizzly bears] come in as a 10-J, which is a non-essential experimental population, so it basically means they are bringing them in because they think it would be nice, but they aren’t necessary for grizzly bears in the United States.  With a 10-J designation, that allows for a lot more management, of the bears if they should wonder off the National Park.”





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