A proposal to introduce grizzly bears to the North Cascades is bringing listening sessions to Okanogan County, Washington.

The U.S Department of Fish & Wildlife and the U.S. National Park Service will be holding two community sessions involving the proposal of introducing grizzly bears to the North Cascades. These sessions are so the public can give their input on the proposal. The first session will be on Monday, October 30th, at the Okanogan County Fairgrounds in Okanogan, WA, at 5:30 p.m. U.S. Congressman for the 4th District in Washington, Dan Newhouse, will be in attendance.

"Two, in person opportunities for people throughout Okanogan County to come and let these federal agencies hear first hand how people feel about this proposal to bring grizzly bears into Washington state," Newhouse said.

When the grizzly introduction came up in late September, Congressman Newhouse reacted swiftly to the U.S. National Pak Service and the U.S Fish & Wildlife Service expressing concern and telling them to rescind the draft.

"I will also be attending the meeting on the 30th to hear from community members and to also express my frustration," Newhouse continued, "with these agencies for moving ahead with a proposal that, over the years, we have learned from the community this is not something that is supported by the majority of people that live in this part of the state."

Neighboring Chelan County commissioners have also expressed concerns of introducing grizzly bears to the area.

The second listening session will be held Friday November 3rd, in Winthrop, WA, at the Winthrop Barn Auditorium at 5:30 p.m.

Newhouse stated that he hopes everybody turns out that can and provide a good showing to have these agencies hear how people feel.

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