Interior Secretary Deb Haaland is scheduled to visit Oregon this weekend.  Senator Jeff Merkley said he’s asked the Secretary for some time to come to the state and talk about important investments in tourism.


“To discuss public recreation on public lands, which, we have these extraordinary lands that are in our collective ownership.  And we want to make sure people have access to those lands and opportunity to enjoy them.”


The weekend starts Friday with a stop in Bend.  Then on Sunday, the tour moves to the Medford are where Haaland is expected to discuss how funding from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law can help wildland firefighting.


“The important role of trying to diminish fires on the front end, and fighting fires quickly on the back end, which is so important as our fire season becomes longer and more savage.”


Merkely noted at both stops, they’re scheduled to meet with government and tribal leaders, Interior Department employees and other local representatives.


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