This week, the Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) announced results of its annual invasive pest survey season.

No giant hornets for a second year

The best news from the report is that no northern giant hornets (Vespa mandarinia, also known as the Asian giant hornet) have been detected in Washington. Over 800 WSDA traps and nearly 200 WSDA partner traps were set for the insect and monitored since July of this year.

It takes three consecutive years without detection to declare the northern giant hornet eradicated in the state, per USDA guidelines. Greg Haubrich, WSDA's  Plant Protection Assistant Director, emphasized:

It is possible the hornets could be out there. We still need the community’s continued support to report suspected sightings and participate in our citizen science trapping program next year.


Over 130 species are monitored by WSDA's Pest Program

Pests present a significant danger to the agricultural industry, and so the WSDA monitors for over 130 species, even those that have yet to be found in the state.

These pests include the spotted lanternfly, apple maggot, Japanese beetle, and spongy moth.

The Japanese beetle eradication program has seen significant success this year, although the beetles are beginning to spread to further areas.

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