A non-native bug is damaging “white oak” trees around Oregon.  State Department of Forestry’s Christine Buhl said the oak lace bug has been here since 2015, but this year, things are looking especially bad.


“It is an aesthetic pest that can make oaks look pretty bad, and so that’s a concern for the typical homeowner, even though it’s not killing the trees. But, the larger concern is always that whenever we have an invasive insect, sometimes we can have really intense builds in population where we see more damage than normal."


Buhl said the insect itself is very hard to see but the damage is leaves behind is not, causing discoloration to entire tree canopies.


“The insect itself is kind of clear or translucent, and lacy looking, and it’s very small; it’s equivalent to the size of a flea. So, unless you look closely, you probably won’t see it."


If you discover you have “oak lace bug” in your trees, Buhl said it’s best to just ride it out.  The leaves, she noted, should come back healthy in the spring.


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