USDA's Equity Commission presented its 2023 Interim Report to Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack this week.  The 37-page report and its findings are based on the personal experiences and expertise of its members, their collaborative and in-depth review of USDA's programs and practices, and stakeholder input.  Examples of the recommendations include offering new sources of capital to owners of heirs' property and fractionated land, as well as steps to prevent the creation of these types of property to reduce barriers to USDA programs in the future.


Arturo S. Rodriguez, co-chair of the Equity Commission and United Farm Workers President Emeritus, said, "The Equity Commission's recommendations address issues that are not new to USDA, but they do require a renewed commitment to improve access to programs and services for all stakeholders.


"We're confident the work of the Equity Commission will bolster our efforts to realize lasting change at USDA and are grateful to the members for taking on this work," said Vilsack.


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