The USDA will purchase up to $159.4 million in domestically produced seafood, fruits, legumes, and nuts for distribution to a variety of domestic food assistance programs. The purchases, announced Thursday, are being made with funds under the authority of Section 32 of the Agricultural Adjustment Act.

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said, “These healthy, nutritious food purchases will benefit food banks and non-profits helping those struggling with food hardship.”

The inventories of the included commodities are in high oversupply due to a decrease in demand because of the COVID-19 pandemic and disruption in the supply chain, as restaurants and other outlets closed during the pandemic. Within a few days of approval, USDA’s Food and Nutrition Service will offer these commodities to their networks. Orders should be received during the first week of June with solicitations being issued mid-June and awards occurring near the end of the month.

Deliveries should start to occur by mid-August.

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