The latest Ag trade numbers come from April, a month in which the United States exported $17.6 billion worth of Ag products; imported almost the same amounts of foreign products.

"It was the largest value of agricultural exports and agricultural imports for any other April on record," USDA Economist Bart Kenner said, adding for the first seven months of this fiscal year, October through April, Ag exports were up 12% to $119.4 billion. That's those high product prices showing up again up because in general, as far as bulk commodities, actual shipment volumes are down.

"Wheat, which was up 11% in value from last year, was down 22% by volume," Kenner added. "Corn up 17% by value, down 4% by volume."

Kenner added volume declines were also reported for soybeans, cotton, rice and many other products. But the export values keep climbing, heading for a projected record this fiscal year of $191 billion.

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