The old saying is work smarter, not harder.  And that’s where Trinity Trailer comes in to help a host of growers across the Pacific Northwest.  Keith Eastman Trinity Trailer market manager said their flagship product the EagleBridge was invented in 1975, and what makes it revolutionary is the fact that EagleBridge was the first segmented belt trailer design.


“Our founder and the inventor of the belt trailer he saw just a need to move products easier, and the design is built and such that the trailer can flex going through the farm fields, so when you’re coming in and out of approaches, going over pivot channels, you’ve got the ability to flex and you’re not twisting and cracking as much as you would with a ridged trailer.”


Eastman said having the right equipment is only part of the equation.  He pointed out that producers need payment plans that work for their operation.  That’s where Trinity Capital comes in.


"We can customize that a lot like our trailers, we can customize the financing to meet the business's needs.  If a company needs to have their payments coming out when that trailer is working, we can absolutely do that.  We can set up payments for when the cashflow is there.”


He pointed out that Trinity Capital allows producers to get their financing needs taken care of at one location.  And he added their parts and service department is available to allow producers to keep working. 


Trinity Trailer has locations in Boise, the Tri-Cities and Pocatello.




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