It looks like the year ahead will be good for pie lovers, and anyone who enjoys tart cherries.

"It's a pretty good year for tart cherries, actually looking at an increase of about 33% from what was produced last year," noted NASS' Lance Honig.  "That's great, we're a 3rd from where you were a year ago, but truth be told the last 2 seasons really weren't too great a season, since, so it's really more of a bounce back this season."

With that bounce back primarily occurring in the nation's largest tart cherry producing state:

"Michigan, that's where most of our tart cherries are produced," Honig added.  "The season started out really kind of cool, progressed through the rest of the season with no major freeze events, that's always great news when you don't get a freeze.  But some of that cooler weather early slowing things down, really probably keeping us from having an even bigger crop."

Wisconsin also reported a slight increase in tart cherry production year over year.


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