When it comes to student enrollment at the University of Idaho’s College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, better known as CALS, the past two year have been very strong.  Dr. Matt Doumit, Associate Dean of Academic Programs at the College said this year’s class is the 2nd strongest on record, and very similar to numbers reported last fall.  He said one of the best recruiting tools for CALS as of recent, has been a return to normal following the lockdowns and social distancing of the pandemic.


“The opportunity for students to come visit campus and see what's going on in the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, see the facilities, meet with faculty, I think that really generates a lot of enthusiasm. And we really made a concerted effort to to work on getting more students to campus for visits.”


Doumit said they also redefined some majors, making the College more attractive for prospective students.  He added the capital projects the college has undertaken across the state have increased visibility for to potential students as well as the general population.


“There are a lot of great things going on from a research standpoint, and from an outreach standpoint where we can engage students close to home and get them enthusiastic about careers in the College.”


Doumit added CALS currently enjoys a population spread across the classes, which he says means good things for the College into the future.



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