The temporary closure of Yellowstone park due to flooding.

"Record crests set on Yellowstone River and some of the tributaries across the northern Rockies," noted USDA meterologist Brad Rippey. It's a scenario he said has been caused by a combination of weather events, in addition to recent 2-4" of rainfall in the northern Rockies.

"As we've moistened things up this spring and we've had very cool conditions, that has led to a later than average snow melt, so we're adding snow to the runoff, along with rain."

That record run-offf contributing to the Yellowstone park flooding.  There is also the active weather pattern created by a strong dome of high pressure over the Central & Southern plains.

"Along the northern and eastern periphery of these ridges that leads to very active weather, frequent showers, locally heavy, along with severe thunderstorms at times," Rippey noted.

He added this all comes after a period of drought in the region just one year ago.

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