Washington state Department of Fish and Wildfire crews were called to a possible wolf attack on a bull in the northeast corner of the state on Friday March 26th. While WDFW staff investigated, they determined the injured bull which triggered the call had not been attacked by a wolf. However, while on scene staff observed a second animal that had injuries that may have come from a wolf. Investigators later determined that injured calf was most likely the victim of a probable wolf depredation from a member of the nearby Leadpoint pack.

This probable depredation injury event on a calf brings the total number of depredation events associated with this pack to 13 since June 19th of last year. Depredations in 2020 resulted in nine calves confirmed as injured and three confirmed as killed by wolves in the Leadpoint territory, all affecting one producer in 2020.

Because the Leadpoint pack has been involved in 13 depredations in the past 10 months, lethal removal was considered. The Department reviewed the situation and Director Kelly Susewind decided not to initiate lethal removal at this time.

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