Last week was a busy one for Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife crews.


On Wednesday, investigators were called to a dead calf, reported on private pastureland near Silver Lake in Lake County.  ODFW determined that calf was killed by wolves from the nearby Gearhart Mountain pack.


And on Friday, ODFW authorized lethal removal of chronically depredating wolves from the WA139 group in Wallowa County.  That pack is made up of at least five wolves that includes radio-collared WA139 from the Tucannon pack in Washington 


The impacted producer requested the permit after three separate confirmed depredations in a three-day period that killed four yearlings and injured one, despite their use of non-lethals including increased human presence and hazing with a firearm.  The permit allows the landowner or their agent to kill up to two wolves near their private land pasture when livestock are present.  The permit is valid until April 11th, or until two wolves have been removed, whichever comes first.


ODFW noted that all Wolf Plan rules regarding lethal removal permits are in effect for this permit, including that the Department did not identify any wolf attractants on the producer’s property and the producer will continue using non-lethals, such as fladry, fox lights, RAG boxes in addition to other non-lethals.


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