Later this summer, Washington State University will have a new leader for the College of Agricultural, Human and Natural Resources Sciences.  Dr. Wendy Powers currently leads statewide ag research and extension for the University of California system.  She will become the head of CAHNRS August 15th.  While she has a lot of experience when it comes to land-grant institutions, she’s not from an agricultural background.

“I grew up in the city, I had no experience or interaction with agriculture until I got to college.  So, that’s been something that has really help shaped me, during my career and has really aligned my interest with that of students who I really want to see  agriculture as an opportunity for them, where they can have a great career too, even if they don’t come from a farm.”

As she looks to her new roll starting this summer, one of the priorities is strengthening the relationship WSU has with the state’s farming community.  She noted communicating with key industry leaders will be a personal priority moving forward.

“And I also see it very much as a two-way conversation; learning from each other, making sure we’re aware of what’s coming down the road, whether it’s challenges or opportunities and just having that open line of conversation on a regular basis.  I think to be successful, it has to be an incredibly strong partnership.”



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