USDA analysts are projecting the producers will, this season, plant a combined 228-million-acres to corn soybeans and wheat, which would be the largest in nine years, up about 3% from 2022.  USDA economist Andy Sowell told the USDA's Outlook forum last week that growers will have plenty of incentive to produce this year.


“Corn acreage up about 2.4-million-acres to 91 million this is with high prices strong profitability," Sowell noted.  "Soybeans holding steady at 87.5 acres, not losing any ground and staying at a pretty strong planning level.”


Meanwhile the biggest jump in acreage will likely be wheat.


“Up 3.8-million-acres to 49.5-million-acres, which would be the largest all wheat acreage in seven years.”


So, he noted the incentives to plant more corn beans and wheat are there, but a curveball remains, and her name is Mother Nature.


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