It’s not about blowing off steam; but learning about it. With parents, and caregivers, and children spending more time together educators are reminding you of the importance of STEAM: Science, Technology Engineering, Arts, and Math.

Michigan State University Extension expert, Jodi Schultz, said lessons learned in school can be applied in practical home applications among family members, and without technology. One example is baking.

"What happens when we mix these two things together, why are certain ingredients important to have, what happens if we take them out, and of course the measuring piece," Schultz noted. "That’s math and what happens with we over measure of under measure and how to use those measuring pieces accordingly."

Shultz said other non-tech STEAM educational ideas around the home include outdoor activities like weather forecasting, and species identification. Or fixing a household item like a light fixture or a bicycle or even building new items out of repurposed materials from your garage or basement.

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