Earlier this month, the Department of Agriculture announced funding for two outreach and education efforts for farmers and ranchers.  FSA is investing $10 million for agriculture-oriented taxpayer education as well as $4.5 million in outreach for the Conservation Reserve Program's Transition Incentives Program.  Both efforts help advance equity and access to USDA programs and agriculture.


Deputy Undersecretary for Farm Production and Conservation, Gloria Montaño Greene, said, “Running a farm operation is tough, and we are working to help meet gaps where farmers need assistance.”


FSA’s $10 million investment funds the new Taxpayer Education and Asset Protection Initiative.  The partnership with the University of Arkansas, the National Farm Income Tax Extension Committee and others, establishes hubs for taxpayer education while developing and delivering tax education resources.


For the Conservation Reserve Program's Transition Incentives Program, $4.5 million will award stakeholder organizations to conduct outreach and provide technical assistance to promote the program.


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