Oregon farmers and ranchers dealing with dry or low producing wells are encouraged to report those problems to the state Water Resources Department. OWRD’s Bryn Hudson, says the department is trying to understand not only changes in aquifers across the state but also how the drought is impacting ground water supplies.


"Additionally, the information is going to help us identify where assistance might be needed so it'll help us essentially track patterns in terms of geography so we can see where there might be a particular area where a number of wells are having ground water issues.”

She noted from there, the Department then can alert impacted counties and water masters. Hudson added that OWRD is trying to identify the scope of the problem.

"We're also hoping to get an inventory of folks' who are experiencing impacts to their water wells should any financial assistance become available, have some contact information to reach out to those folks to alert them to potential assistance.”

To report low well levels, or other issues with your water, reach out to OWRD.

Hudson noted Oregonians who rely on a domestic well and are experiencing water supply shortages need to conserve that water for essential household uses such as drinking, bathing, cooking, or sanitation.

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