If you haven’t been bit by a mosquito yet this summer, consider yourself lucky.  Oregon State University Entomologist Gail Langellotto said it’s going to be a busy year for those little pests.

“Mosquitoes breed in freshwater. With the abundant rains we had early in the summer, it probably created a lot of small pools of water that make perfect mosquito breeding sites.”

Langellotto said there are things you can do to limit the mosquito populations on your property.  She said it starts with reducing standing water.

“If they have any pots that aren’t draining, that are holding water, old tires are oftentimes receptacles for standing water where mosquitoes can breed.”

That she noted even includes bird baths and pet dishes.  Langellotto added bug zappers don’t prevent mosquitos, but an outside fan can.  She pointed out that mosquitos don’t like breezy conditions.

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