It’s a new group of ag organizations, with a goal of tackling drought concerns threatening both livelihoods and potentially the food supply.  The newly formed Oregon Agricultural Water Alliance include the Oregon Farm Bureau, the state Cattleman’s Association, Dairy Farmers Association, Water Resources Congress, as well as the Oregon Association of Nurseries.  The OAN’s Jeff Stone said extreme, recurring drought threatens them all.

“Since the state is so diverse, in terms of water availability versus the type of farming, we try to speak with a common voice to make sure a drought doesn’t disproportionately impact one segment of agriculture versus another.”

Stone sad he hopes the new alliance will eventually impact state law and provide accountability in decision-making.

“Water should be bipartisan. It should not care who the Governor is or who is in charge of the legislature.”

Stone believes the snowpack is no longer a reliable source of summer water, and hopes more will be done to capture and store rainfall.

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