Oregon Department of Forestry released a four-episode series of videos, recently, as part of its Federal Forest Restoration Program. ODF officials said the goal is to show how the program is working to conserve and protect the state’s federal forestland.

"We have a really critical window in the next five to ten years, where we have to get some serious work done. We really have to get aggressive about our management and restoration if we’re going to be able to hold off the worst of the forest health challenges - the wildfires and the droughts that we’re seeing right now.”

The Forward Together series comes from ODF’s Federal Forest Restoration Program.

“This program grows out of a desire of Oregonians to have healthy and resilient federal forests. We will continue to add capacity, meaning people on the ground doing the work, doing the planning, doing the implementation, with the end state of really getting ahead of this wildfire issue.”

Episodes look at different regions like Central and Southern Oregon, and focus on collaborative efforts to manage Oregon’s patchwork of private, state and federal forestland.

Click Here to watch the entire Forward Together series.

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