The Oregon Department of Agriculture and the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife have closed recreational crabbing from Bandon to the California border due to elevated levels of the marine biotoxin domoic acid.  The closure includes the ocean, bays and estuaries, and on beaches, docks, piers and jetties.  Recreational crabbing remains permitted from Bandon north to the Washington border.


The Department said it is always recommended that crab be eviscerated and the guts removed prior to cooking, which includes the removal and discard of the viscera, internal organs and gills. Toxins cannot be removed by cooking, freezing or any other treatment. ODA will continue to test for biotoxins in the coming weeks.


Because of Oregon’s precautionary management of biotoxins, the crab and shellfish products currently being sold in retail markets and restaurants are safe for consumers.


For more information call Oregon Department of Agriculture's (ODA) shellfish biotoxin safety hotline at (800) 448-2474, the Food Safety Division at (503) 986-4720, or visit the ODA's Shellfish Website.


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