Several challenges prevent farmers from collecting and sharing data on their production practices with downstream supply chain organizations such as food companies and retailers. New research from Farm Journal's Trust In Food initiative and The Sustainability Consortium found 62% of farmers report they are not using data collection and sharing software during the 2019 season. Of those who did, only about 30% say the software meets all their needs.

Farm-level production data plays a critical role in conservation and sustainability efforts. Despite this importance, according to previous research, nearly 50% of food and beverage companies report having no visibility into the on-farm practices that produce the inputs they use.

Farmers added a lack of access to capital, equipment, training and reliable data networks are the biggest barriers farmers face in scaling up their on-farm data efforts. And, 71% of farmers said their primary Ag adviser or consultant has never suggested increasing on-farm data collection, data sharing, or both.

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