Temperatures may be dropping across the region, and there’s even a possibility we’ll see a few rain showers this weekend across the Pacific Northwest.  But that does not mean the risk of wildfires has gone away.  At last report, over two dozen fires of size are burning across the PNW.


And if you plan to enjoy the great outdoors in the coming weeks as we transition into fall, Cameron Mulrony, Executive Vice President of Idaho Cattle Association said everyone plays a role is preventing fires before they start.  He noted wildfires are having a direct impact not only on the health of those living in populated, low lying areas where smoke can settle, but those fires also have a huge impact on the health of the rangeland.


“Do your part.  Human caused fires are the #1 cause of fires, and I know we’re all not immune to it and nobody lights one on purpose, but we just need to be aware that regardless of what our activity is out on the range, we need to make sure we don’t start a fire through recreating or camping or even just dragging our chains when we’re taking our boat to the river.”


Mulrony noted this year has been challenging from a wildfire perspective, thanks to the cool wet spring we saw, which allowed for a lot of fuel development.  And those fuels will continue to keep the fire risk high across the PNW for the foreseeable future.


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