This fall, voters in Oregon will select a new Governor.


Betsy Johnson, a Central Oregon native, and longtime state lawmaker, said she’s an aggressive advocate for the farming community across the state.  She says currently overregulation is one of the most pressing issues Oregon farmers are facing at the state level.


“Kate Brown has not paid very good attention to managing the Executive Branch.  As a result, some of the agencies, particularly the Natural Resource agencies, have gotten overzealous in the development of regulations and rules, and certainly overzealous in their administration of those regs and rules.”


Johnson added she’s a supporter of wise environmental practices, as long as it does not hurt the state’s farming community.  She added that Oregon is an Ag dependent state, but the industry has been disrespected for years; an attitude she plans to change if elected.  Jonson said she’s also a honest, straight talker.


“If you want a ferocious, fearless fighter, I’m that woman.  At my age and with 20 years of legislation trailing around behind me, I’m not in this race as a political stepping stone or to be elected Ms. Congeniality.  I’m here to fix stuff, I’m here to help Oregonians.”



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