The idea of moving the Idaho/Oregon border appears to be gaining traction in Boise.  Former Oregon House Speaker Mark Simmons, who lives in Elgin (outside of LaGrande), testified recently before Idaho’s House State Affairs Committee, in support of the Greater Idaho Movement.


"We see this as a solution. Consider us refugees. Consider us - we would like to be good neighbors to the folks on the west side, while they continue with their social engineering experiments; go ahead. Just leave us out.”


Simmons noted that moving several central and eastern Oregon counties into Idaho is best for both states.


"We want to see the kind of law that reflects faith, family, moral virtue, self-reliance, hard work, the things that Idaho is based on, applied in our side of Oregon."


He compared the process to America’s independence from Great Britain.


On Wednesday, the Idaho House of Representatives voted in favor of House Joint Memorial One, also known as the “Greater Idaho” bill.  That authorizes Idaho legislators to begin talks with Oregon about relocating the state line they share.  A similar proposal in Oregon is not yet scheduled for a hearing.


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