The Oregon Legislature is considering whether to put a measure on the ballot asking voters if hunting and fishing should be a constitutional right.  Currently, signatures are being gathered for an initiative that would ban fishing and hunting.  Amy Patrick, with the Oregon Hunters Association, said they want voters to decide whether fishing and hunting should be a right.


"This bill would ask the citizens of the state to approve protections for fishing, hunting, harvesting and gathering in their next election.  And, should they approve that, give us a constitutional protection that would protect us from an outright ban of those activities."


Supporters also argue a ban would prevent people from gathering their own food.  But Scott Beckstead, with Animal Wellness Action, said people don't hunt and fish solely for food anymore.


"Modern hunting is a recreational pastime, and the fact that it may involve taking food home does not change its basic nature that it is done for recreational purposes."


Currently, Idaho and 22 other states, have the right to fish and hunt in their constitutions.


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