As Oregon’s grasshopper and Mormon cricket hatching season begin, the Oregon Department of Agriculture is providing one-time funding to help combat what’s expected to be severe outbreaks this summer.

In 2021, Oregon suffered its worst outbreak of grasshoppers and Mormon crickets in fifty years. As a result, a record 10 million acres of rangeland in 18 counties suffered damaging infestation levels. In response to the severe outbreak, the Oregon Legislature passed Senate Bill 5561 to provide funds and resources to support a grasshopper and Mormon cricket control and suppression cost-sharing program.

More than $4 million is allocated for suppression/treatment and more than $800,000 for pre-treatment and post-treatment surveys. Participation in the Grasshopper and Mormon Cricket Survey and Suppression Program is open to private landowners and land managers for properties within the state of Oregon. 

How to apply:

  • Complete an Oregon grasshopper and Mormon cricket outbreak reporting form and request a site survey.
  • Based on survey results, treat all or a portion of the ODA recommended acreage and location.
  • Complete and submit the reimbursement form and IRS form W-9 before August 1, 2022.
  • Applicants may be reimbursed up to 75% of the actual cost for treatment, including product and application costs. Approved treatments are with insect growth regulator diflubenzuron. This chemical is generally of low toxicity to humans, other mammals, birds, and honeybees. To distribute 100 percent of the available funds, ODA will distribute them equally among those who apply for reimbursement. Because of this, ODA cannot state a specific reimbursement rate until we receive all reimbursement requests.
  • Those that have questions about grasshoppers and Mormon crickets in Oregon, their control, and their impact on Oregon agriculture, are encouraged to visit the ODA's Webbsite. There, ODA has more information about SB 5561 and the cost-share program, including details about eligibility, requirements, and scheduling.

If you have questions regarding surveys and treatment, please contact:
Todd Adams 
(503) 931-0829

If you have questions regarding the cost share program, please contact:
Alan Hanson 
(503) 949-2993

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