Thanks to snow and rain this spring, the drought picture has improved noticeably in Washington. According to the latest USDA numbers, only 17% of the state is under a D-1, or Moderate Drought designation, which is roughly half of the figure reported last week. Meanwhile, all D-2 designations, or Severe Drought have disappeared from the map. Just over 50% of Washington is considered abnormally dry for this time of year.


In Oregon, while all categories reported week of week improvement, the changes were much more slight. According to USDA, just over 80% of Oregon is still abnormally dry, with nearly 46% under a D-3, or Extreme Drought. Meanwhile 5% of the state is under a D-4, or Exceptional Drought.

In Idaho, the drought numbers were virtually unchanged, with just under 17% of the state on par with soil moisture readings for this time of year.


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