Looking back on the 2022 wheat crop across Idaho, Britany Hurst Marchant is very happy with the results.  The new Executive Director of the Idaho Wheat Commission said growers brought in 94 million bushels this year, slightly lower than the average 100 million bushels.  She noted that slight decline can be blamed on the 2021 drought.


“Our subsoil moistures are still dry, we didn't have all the moisture that we would have liked to have had this year, especially in those dryland cropping areas.  And so, our overall bushels were just slightly low but, really good compared to last years.”


When it comes to the quality of the 2022 crop.


“One thing that makes Idaho stand out with wheat is the consistency in the quality," Hurst Marchant said.  "So this year was no different, our quality was really excellent overall.  There were a few pockets where, again just because of the drought and hot weather and not enough moisture, the quality was maybe a little bit lower than what we're used to.  But that that was not the overall average by any means.”


Hurst Marchant added despite a solid crop and elevated wheat prices, skyrocketing input costs continue to cut into the bottom-line of many producers.


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