In recent meetings at United Nations, "... [we] had a very informative discussion today with a number of leaders interested and concerned about global food security," said Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, after meeting with his peers from around the world.  Vilsack said the global food security challenge certainly is not a new issue, but awareness of it is rising rapidly.

"This is a result of supply chain disruptions caused by COVID, the challenges that we now see on a regular basis on climate and obviously the brutal and unprovoked invasion by Russia of Ukraine."

All of these causing serious disruptions in world grain markets and food supplies.  Life threatening disruptions for some people.

Vilsack said in his meetings this week, he made it clear that while the U.S. is doing all it can to get more food to more people, "...the U.S. alone is not in a position to solve this.  This has got to be a global effort."

And a "coordinated effort" Vilsack noted.

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