Ann George, Executive Director of the Washington state Hop Commission was recently honored by the state Department of Agriculture. Last week, she was presented the WSDA’s Director’s Citation, which is given to those in the farming community who the Department says have devoted their lives to promote and enhance agriculture in the state.

“Ann has shown incredible dedication, devotion, and passion for the promotion of hops and agriculture in general in our state. As she prepares to retire, she leaves quite the legacy behind,” WSDA Director Derek Sandison said. “It is my absolute honor to present her with this award.”

Dr. Brad White, WSDA’s plant protection assistant director, presented the award on behalf of WSDA Director Sandison at a recent meeting of the Washington Hop Commission.

George has served as the Executive Director of the Washington Hop Commission and Hop Growers of Washington since 1987.  She also served as the executive director of Hop Growers of America since 2007. During her 35-year career, George played a key role in forming the US Hop Industry Plant Protection Committee, an international regulatory harmonization program. The WSDA said s was also crucial in forming the HGA Best Practices Committee and Good Bines educational platform. If that wasn’t enough to make her mark on agriculture in the state and across the nation, she also manages Science and Technical programs, political and regulatory efforts, and has secured numerous grants to expand the hop industry’s resources.

Today, Washington produces more hops than any other state in the nation, and hops are among our top 10 crops, with revenues of $445 million in 2019.

“It’s important to note, this isn’t an annual award,” Megan Finkenbinder, WSDA fairs and commissions administrator, said. “It’s only given to those who have truly risen to the level of contribution to the industry and deserve this prestigious award,”.

For a breakdown of past recipients, check out the WSDA's Website.

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