As planting season wraps up, farmers might be tempted to put their planters in the shed without looking them over first. Grayson Catania, product marketing manager at CNH Industrial, said producers should go through several steps before storing their planters.


"It’s always tempting to pack your planter away, catch up on other things, and move to the next task after you get those last seeds in the ground. But to hit the fields quicker and boost productivity next spring and next year, it’s important to take the time now to make those repairs and properly prep your planter for storage," noted Catania. "Because If you do wait, any problems could be forgotten and you might run into the same issue when you’re in the field next year, or you’ll need to pull the planter out of the shed in the middle of winter and in cold climates, that’s really not idea.”

“First, I would definitely recommend growers take a look through their operating manual for different maintenance tips. Each planter is different, and to prevent that offseason rust, it’s important to use proper lubrication to protect against moisture," Catania continued. "Another thing would be to not forget to disassemble the seed meter units and clear out all the seeds and dirt and wipe the seed discs clean and checking for wear. Another thing would be to make sure to clean areas that were in contact with fertilizer and pesticides if they were applied. Plus, if you’re looking for a second set of eyes, the experts at your local Case IH dealer are an absolutely great resource, or you can set up a Certified Maintenance Inspection to make sure nothing is overlooked.”

Many growers are looking at investments to help boost planting productivity next year. He said Case IH offers a full line of Precisions Planting Solutions and technology that can be instrumental in maximizing your planter ROI.

"For example, a vDrive from Precision Planting can really save time and breeze through next year’s planting season with a maintenance-free electric drive system. Another great solution is SpeedTube, and this can be really helpful when weather challenges make it difficult to plant all your fields in ideal conditions. And then, DeltaForce, an automated row-by-row downforce control system that measures and adjusts downforce each time there is variability in your field, so crops will thrive for those optimal yields. With the current state of the supply chain, it’s best to act now to make sure you’re ready to go come next year’s planting season, and no reason to wait. We have a 12-month warranty on dealer-installed parts. You can find Precision Planting products at a local Case IH Premier Certified Dealer.”

Producers can take advantage of special offers and he talks about where to go for more information.

“Right now, growers can save with instant rebates on Precision Planting solutions including vDrive, DeltaForce and SpeedTube. Growers should definitely act now, because this offer is available through October 4th. Your local Case IH dealer is a one-stop shop for planter maintenance. Visit us On-line, to find your local Case IH Dealer or Premier Certified Dealer for Precision Planting solutions.”

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