The thoughts and emotions of the farming community are all over the map for 2021. Many growers and producers have said they are ecstatic to see 2020 behind them, allowing for a hopeful return to normal. But, at the same time, many are concerned about the Executive Orders coming from the Administration, which some say are anti-farming.

Bryan Searle, President of the Idaho Farm Bureau Federation acknowledges that the Executive Orders can feel overwhelming, comparing it to a wave crashing on your body. But he pointed out there is reason for optimism.


“You know, when you think of even the Green Energy and some of the things coming there, I think there’s some opportunities for us.  I think we’re some of the best environmentalists on the face of the earth and I think we do many things that we don’t get credit for.  So, I think it’s an opportunity for us to too our horn on those things that we are doing.”

While there is potential upside, Searle acknowledge there could be financial challenges for the farming industry, and he understands the apprehension.

On the state level, he said he sees great potential the Idaho farm economy with the legalization of hemp production. Searle added IFBF doesn’t necessarily support or oppose the crop, but they see it as a way for growers to make money in a different, unique way.

“I think it brings Idaho to a competitive level with the other states, rather than being left out, and we all understand competitiveness.  Does that mean we’ll have 50 acres, 5,000, 50,000, I don’t know, that will all come, but it provides the opportunity for growers to look at it and decide, and we’ve had several growers say they are very interested in it and would like an opportunity to grow it.”

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