The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife was called out to a trio of injured calves founds in the Daly Creek area of Baker County Monday. The three, weighing between 150-250 pounds, were in a 3,000-acre pasture that consists of both public and private lands.

ODFW estimated the injuries were two to three weeks old.

The areas around the injuries were shaved and examined.  The first calf had multiple bite scrapes and tooth punctures on the inside of the right hind leg with infection and tissue damage in the muscle tissue.  The second calf had a tooth puncture on the inside of the right hind leg and an open wound 1 3/8” by 2” on the outside of the leg, as well as multiple tooth scrapes on the inside and outside of the leg.  The third calf had 3/4 inch open wound at the base of the tail and multiple tooth scrapes around the tail.

Investigators said the locations of the injuries on all three calves are consistent with wolf attacks, adding they believe the injuries happened at the same time. ODFW has attributed this depredation to the Lookout Mountain pack.

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