Corteva Agriscience is out with an updated version of their WideMatch herbicide. WideARmatch includes a new active ingredient, Arylex active, covering a broader spectrum of weeds, with a recommended application rate of 14 ounces per acre. Brooklynne Dalton with Corteva Agriscience said WideARmatch is a great option for Pacific Northwest producers looking to control broadleaf weeds in their wheat or barley.


“We do have an additional supplemental label that allows to go up to 19.6 ounce use rate of WideARmatch, which will help it getting better control of some localized weeds, including mayweed chamomile, that’s a big one, that we’ve seen great control from WideMatch at a higher use rate.”

Dalton added WideARmatch enjoyed great field trial results, and is a great product for growers to add to their toolbox to improve overall field quality.

“The great think about WideARmatch, is its tank mix compatible with many grass herbicides, so you can use a grass herbicide of your choice for the target weeds that you’re going after and tank mix that with WideARmatch to get that full spectrum control.”

Dalton added WideARmatch is the next generation of broadleaf control from Corteva Agriscience.

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