Americans are again stocking up the pantry over supply chain, coronavirus and political unrest fears. In a report from industry publication Progressive Grocer, research shows more than half of Americans say they're stockpiling groceries or plan to stockpile. The research cites worries about supply chain disruptions due to COVID-19 surges and political unrest amid the presidential election. Industry leaders are urging retailers to prepare for a rise in shoppers.

Walmart CEO Doug McMIlion said, “It will be choppy for months to come as we all deal with the volatility and as things change.”

Roughly 52% of Americans plan to stockpile this fall, according to data from the Sports and Leisure Research Group. Additionally, 38% of consumers stocked up at the beginning of the pandemic and would do so again with a new shutdown, while 15% of consumers didn't stock up earlier this year, but would do so if there's a new shutdown.

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