USDA says sales of grains and soybeans climbed week-to-week during the week ending on December 8.  Wheat sales rose to 469,000 metric tons, a sharp rise from 190,000 during the previous week.  Exports were reported at 255,900 metric tons, down slightly from the previous week. 


Soybean sales took a healthy jump to 2.94 million metric tons, up from 1.72 million the week before. Sales surged as China bought 1.25 million metric tons, and another unnamed country purchased 1.03 million metric tons.  However, exports for the week fell to 1.85 million metric tons, down from 2.25 million tons the week before. 


Corn sales totaled 958,900 metric tons, a sharp jump from 692,000 during the previous week.  Guatemala was the top buyer at 196,400 metric tons, and Mexico bought almost 171,000 metric tons.  Export sales for the week hit 591,000 metric tons, down from a little over 900,000 tons the previous week.


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