The blueberry season is peaking for Northwest producers.  Brian Bocock, Vice President of Product Management at Naturipe Farms, said the season started slow this year but ramped up as growers began picking the Duke variety.  According to Bocock, the quantity has been good so far but yields have been a challenge.
"The berries are not as big as they normally are. We think that's in large part due to pollination. Some may be due to some heat issues in parts of the Northwest."
After this week the apex of the blueberry season will have passed in Oregon, Washington as well as British Columbia.
"[Consumers] should expect continued good quality because we're changing variety.  Whenever you're changing to a new variety those first two to three pickings are usually very good."
Blueberry volumes  are expected to start falling later this month.  Bocock noted smaller, higher-priced blueberries should be seen by mid to late August, with picking continuing into September and possibly as far out as the first couple weeks of October.
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