A proposed “Pollinator Paradise” license plate appears well on its way to becoming reality, thanks to the efforts of Oregon State University.  The proposal has created a lot of buzz across the state, as pre-sale vouchers are flying off shelves; and the “Pollinator Paradise'' plate could soon be available at a DMV near you.  OSU Associate Professor of horticulture Andony Melathopoulos said the design includes two of the state’s most iconic bees and prominently features a field of red clover.


“Not only is Oregon a leader in it, it’s bee pollinated, and it’s one of the few crops in the United States - I’d say the only one - where you’ll find such a diversity of bumblebees on the crop.”


OSU is closing in on the 3,000 vouchers sold required by DMV before the plate will be produced.  Once it’s crossed that 3K mark, it will take about six months before the plates are available for your vehicle.  Melathopoulos said not only will these plates look good, but sales go to benefit ongoing research.


"Our department has two really large programs: The Pollinator Health Program and the Apiculture Program. We have a key position that makes the Oregon Bee Atlas run. We’ve got a specialist who goes through hundreds of thousands of wild bees that volunteers have collected from hither and tither. That program will be made sustainable through this plate.”


Click Here to check out the plate, purchase your own voucher, or to learn about the bee research taking place at OSU.


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