U.S. milk production my increase slightly, year-over-year, despite production numbers well off of just a month ago.  USDA is reporting that milk production during the April, May and June quarter was 57.9 billion pounds; 0.5% lower than the same quarter a year ago.  Part of that, according to USDA, is due to a dairy herd that was 87,000 head smaller than the April through June quarter last year.  Some of it also may be slower growth in milk per cow than was expected.

USDA Outlook Board Chairman Mark Jekanowski said that's the main reason that his board reduced its previous forecasts for production this year.  He said there are several factors that will dampen the growth in milk per gallon.

"High feed costs, continued drought in the West and heat stress...many factors that go in to reducing milk per cow."

Or at least reducing the rate of growth.  So far we've seen increases in milk per cow and four out of the first six months of 2022.


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