After a year of work, it appears the Port of Pasco will be the destination for Darigold’s new large scale milk protein facility. Earlier this month, the Port announced the approval of the sale of approximately 150 acres of the Reimann Industrial Center to the dairy coop for construction of an over $500 million facility. Darigold said they plan to produce a new specialized protein powder and butter at this new facility, and more than 50% of the finished product will be exported, with an emphasis on the Pacific Rim.


Randy Hayden, Executive Director of the Port of Pasco said they would not have been in contention for this project had it not been for the great support from the state delegation.

“And in particular state Senator [Mark] Schoesler who shepherded through a request $7.5 million for the Port to put in infrastructure up to Reimann, so the water and sewer pipes that we’ve been talking about, along with making some road improvements and along with the railroad that will need to be run into the site.”

Will the Port of Pasco now focus on attracting more food processors and large scale facilities? Hayden said agriculture has always been and will always be a mainstay of the Tri-Cities area.

“So attracting future food processors will always be one of our top priorities.  We think that we not only support jobs here close to Pasco at the manufacturing plants but also out on the farms, with the growers and the producers who are growing the product, and supporting them by having a close market for their products.”

The Port of Pasco and Darigold expect to close on the land sale within 120 to 180 days.

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