Household food insecurity, or the number of American households that do not have enough food, improved last year. According to the USDA, 2019 numbers have returned to pre-2007 recession numbers.

"The 2019 food insecurity rate was 10.5% of all US households and that's down from 2018 when 11.1% were food insecure," said USDA research economist Alisha Coleman-Jensen. She continued that according to the most recent household food insecurity report, nearly 90% of all Americans are considered food secure.

But, when you look at the more severe food insecurity category, "In 2019 4.1% of US households were in that more severe range of very low food security."

Compared to 4.3% of Americans in very low food security in 2018. 
Food insecurity rates range by state. In the Northwest, Idaho sits at 9.6% of Idaho reported being food insecure, Oregon reported 9.8% while 9.9% of Washingtonians reported food insecurity. The lowest in the nation came from New Hampshire at 6.6%, while Mississippi reported the highest food insecurity rate at 15.7%.

Click Here for the entire USDA report.

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