In partnership with Yakima Chief Ranches, Yakima Chief Hops (YCH) has launched FWD, a hop innovation program designed around community involvement.

FWD will "move beer forward"

The official "HopFWD" website states:

FWD is an initiative to bring together breweries with innovative hop varieties and products, fostering collaboration and experimentation in brewing. Through this program, we offer access to experimental HBC (Hop Breeding Company) hop varieties and the latest Yakima Chief Hops products, promoting a stronger connection between brewers and the unique stories behind each hop. Together, we aim to move beer forward, championing novel flavors and brewing techniques.

Limited spots available for interested breweries

Breweries who are interested in trialing hop products and varieties through the FWD program can apply on HopFWD. A limited number of participants will be selected for the first year of the project. FWD is a "two-way innovation channel," and will including brewing trials, questionnaires, sensory analysis, data, and conversation to help guide YCH's development in new products.


Tessa Schilaty, Yakima Chief Hops Sensory and Brewing Research Manager, said in a press release:

At Yakima Chief Hops, we believe that true innovation in brewing comes from a symbiosis between the grower's fields and the brewer's creativity. With FWD, we're not just introducing new hop varieties and products; we're inviting brewers into the heart of our development process. This program is our commitment to craft a future where every sip of beer is a testament to our shared passion for excellence and exploration.

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