The American Society of Animal Sciences holds a competition every year for the best ice cream and brats created by a university program and for the third consecutive year, WSU’s Creamery and Department of Animal Sciences took home the “Big Scoop.”


Interim Chair of the Animal Sciences Department Kris Johnson said the voting is done by taste testers who leave their spoon by what they think was the best ice cream.


“Our students learn about animal husbandry, about dairy cattle production, nutrition management, and how to produce a high quality milk product.”


Huckleberry Ripple, the signature flavor of Ferdinand’s, WSU on-campus ice cream shop, took home the title for the 2nd time.


The kids competed against the University of Connecticut and North Carolina State University and Johnson said this is very good for the dairy industry.


“If they’re coming from a farm, they get a different perspective on how things can be done. That doesn’t mean they go home and institute new things, but at least they understand how newer technologies are done and the importance of them. If they never go in the dairy industry, they’re still advocates for agriculture.”


Johnson said the school is considering taking part in the brats competition in the future, but that competitors in the ice cream category need to step up their game.


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