Starting Monday, the Washington State University Farmers Network will host a series of webinars focused on improving soil fertility. Soil Health Outreach Coordinator Carol McFarland said the webinars will not just focus on soil fertility decisions in dryland wheat, the most common crop across central and eastern Washington, but also sunflowers, catalinas and other alternative crops.


"Soil fertility is one of the key management decisions that growers make every year. It affects plant health, soil health, and of course plant yield and quality."

The live event will be offered free via Zoom from 9 to 11 a.m. December 14th-17th and will offer content from a lineup of original experts.

McFarland added they will discuss issues such as soil fertility trends, soil carbon management, strategies for avoiding root burn, and enhancing fertilizer efficiency. The sessions will also be offered through WSU's continuing education platform following the event for a small fee. 

"To try and kind of capture some of the interactive experience of attending a live event, we're going to have a participatory roundtable following the workshop that will allow participants to engage with each other and speakers as desired."

For more information or to register for the live events, visit the WSU Farmers Network Webinar Page.

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