The Washington state Department of Agriculture is working to help feed millions of Washingtonians in need thanks to the coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent economic fallout.

But it’s not just humans that are hurting from the slow economy. Pets can also feel the stress and pet owners can face the difficult decision of how to feed their four-legged friend. Dr. Minden Buswell said it’s estimated that one million pets across the state need help.

“What we don’t want people to stress about or have to make a decision is whether to use that food that they got for themselves to also feed their pets.”

In response, WSDA is working with a collaboration of animal services in King County and a national animal-welfare organization to support a statewide pet food distribution hub and help make sure people have access to pet food. And Dr. Buswell said it’s better for animals to eat pet food rather than human food, this is an initiative that not only supports animal health, but also the hunger relief efforts aimed at humans.

What can you do if you, or someone you know, needs help feeding their four-legged friend?

“Certainly they’re always welcomed to reach out to their local emergency management, and then, eventually if that need is elevated to the state we can try and help as well.”

Click Here to learn more about the pet food assistance program.

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